Las Coplas de Yosef Ha-Tsadik

The idea for the performance came from the wish to recreate the music of the biblical poem “Las Coplas de Yosef Ha-Tsadik” written in Ladino by Abraham Toledo in the first half of the 17th……

Yinon Muallem

Yinon Muallem is one of the key figures in the genre called oriental jazz. He moved from Israel to Istanbul and joined the "Istanbul Sazendeleri" ensemble, which was founded by the most famous…

Synagogues in Vojvodina

Only three towns in Vojvodina currently have one synagogue each - Novi Sad, Subotica and Zemun. However, before World War II, Vojvodina was home to as many as 76 Jewish synagogues. Rudolf Klein,…

The story of Esther

The story of Esther

Fiddler on the Roof

The famous musical Violinist on the Roof is back in Belgrade. Story about love, dramatic farewells and dramatic misunderstandings, that all take place in the whirlwind of a bad historical moment.

Teibele and Her Demon

Before us unfolds an incredible, planetary love story that goes beyond earthly boundaries and, like all great loves, becomes impossible and must end tragically.

Madame Rosa

This is a drama with the strong current meaning even more for this region where racial hatred and anti-Semitism are still on the rise

Address Unknown

The book "Address unknown" belongs to one of those great and irreplaceable books about the Holocaust like Diary of Anne Frank (1947) and Spillmann's Pianist (1996).

Neighbors that are no longer here

This exhibition is dedicated to the Belgrade that no longer exists, to the citizens of Belgrade that no longer exist. To the Jews, residents of Dorćol, neighborhood that once thrived with vibrant…