Jewish theater

The Jewish Cultural Center hosts a diverse range of theatrical performances, encompassing classic plays, contemporary adaptations, and original productions. Through compelling storytelling and skilled performances, the theater program explores themes of identity, heritage, and social justice, providing audiences with thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experiences.


As part of its ongoing activities, the Centre has regularly hosted musical collaborations, concerts, and workshops involving musicians from diverse backgrounds. The primary objective of these initiatives is to foster connections and create bridges between different musical traditions. Through collaborative projects, musicians are provided with opportunities to exchange ideas, enrich their artistic practices and promote intercultural dialogue. Additionally, since the year 2008. the Center has successfully organized the festival Ethno Fusion Fest, held annually in the garden courtyard of the Belgrade Synagogue.


In the café gallery of the center, visitors can see a permanent display of works from the exhibition “Neighbors who are no longer there” (courtesy of the Jewish Historical Museum). Additionally the center has also hosted several exhibitions, including: “Synagogues of Vojvodina” “Homage to Danilo Kiš,” and “Prominent Jews of Serbia.”


Happenings encompasses a dynamic array of events and activities, including book promotions, lectures, round table discussions, community celebrations, and commemorations of significant events in the Jewish calendar. Additionally, the program includes specially designed children’s programs aimed at fostering creativity, curiosity, and cultural awareness among young audiences.

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