Address Unknown

The book “Address unknown” belongs to one of those great and irreplaceable books about the Holocaust like Diary of Anne Frank (1947) and Spillmann’s Pianist (1996). It belongs to one of those unavoidable documents which speak about the Mechanism of creation and continuity of Fascism as new, little known pestilence, on European political stage.

The meaning of this literary work is reflected in its revival and in the revival that other similar literary works, like Spillmann’s “Pianist”, have had in our days.

All this because of fatal attraction of fascism as a theory suitable for all kinds of radicalism, systematic violence, intolerance towards minorities, their way of life and behavior, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, racism and every religious or other exclusiveness. The strong current interest of this drama shows that fascism and Holocaust didn’t disappear, they just changed the place and form of appearance.

Directed, translated and adapted by Stefan Sablic

Costume designer: Zora Mojsilovic

Cast: Martin Schulse – Marko Janketic, Max Eisentein – Stefan Trifunovic