“There are no variations and declines with David, it’s a unified quality. Somehow, as the years have gone by, he’s getting closer to my sensibility. The older David gets, the more energetic he is.”

“Truly, a book that causes vertigo that sobers… One of the better books in the last ten years, if not the best in the novel production here,” concluded Basara.

The “Magic Book” publishing house announced that Albahari returns to old stylistic forms in “Afterword” and that “in this unusual narrative, he leads the reader through the mysterious and complicated paths of African-European relations, through the labyrinth of unstable and unequal connections of two fatefully crossed continents”.

Musician and writer Marko Šelić Marcelo assessed that non-alignment is one of the themes of Albahari’s novel, as “a period when we might have had a chance to be neutral, when small countries might not have been on someone’s side”.

“David tried to be apolitical, like many of us. However, it seems impossible to remain completely uninterested in the tectonic movements of history. And I believe this novel is about that,” Šelić said, among other things.