Traditional music from various cultures

Accompanied by acoustic instruments, three female vocalists will sing in harmonized arrangements music from Arabia, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, North and South America, Ireland and more. The group’s name NIT (meaning: “thread”), symbolically refers to a connection, the thread linking cultures, languages, and genres, that also joins the members of the band, their love for music and a good atmosphere.

Aleksander Labus – guitar; Marko Tešić – violin ; Ivana Munđa – vocal, tamboura; Tamara Cakić – vocal, percussions ; Ana Perišić -vocal, percussions

My People

Jazz & World Music Fusion

My People is a group comprising virtuoso musicians gathered from all over Serbia who play different genres of world and jazz music. Their unique musical expression is influenced by Balkan melodies and Byzantine singing; however, they are also open to the sounds of the Middle East and North Africa. Mixing the distinguished style of each of these master musicians creates an explosive synthesis that will lift you to your feet.

Filip Krumes – violin; Miloš Jakovljević – caval; Predrag Manov – guitar; Dragan Ivanović – bass; Goran Milošević – percussion

Sevdah Session

Bosnian Sevdalinka song

Kulin ban ft. Shira u’tfila – Moj dilbere (YouTube video)
Vladimir Savić, vocalist and saz player from Tuzla (today living in Mali Zvornik) is one of rare performers of Bosnian sevdalinka who can recreate an authentic atmosphere of “sevdah” and “merak”. It will surely be a great enjoyment to anyone who even just a little care about this marvelous tradition and the way how is used to be performed long time ago. The orchestral accompaniment will feature one of the best qanun players from Israel, Elad Gabbay.

Vladimir Savić – Vocal, saz, Elad Gabbay – qanun, Stefan Sablić – ‘ud, vocal, Srdjan Djordjević – double bass, Akash Bhatt – percussion

Ništa Čorbasto – Orkestar Dejana Krsmanovića

Acoustic Balkan Folk Jazz

Whrilling melodies and improvisations on accordion, violin, and guitar. Pure and modern Balkan music. During 2010-2011 they recorded their first album “You know what?!” and it will be for the first time presented live at the Ethno Fusion Fest. Dejan Krsmanović, gifted guitarist, vocalist and arranger has created a new, seducing, and atypical approach to our traditional music.

Dejan Krsmanović – guitar, vocal, Vladimir Kapetanović – piano, bass, Nikola Savić – accordion, Srdjan Misković – violin, Dragan Jeković – percussion, Ramon Hamel – drums

Shira u’tfila

Sephardic music of the Balkans and North Africa

Founded by vocalist and ‘ud player Stefan Sablic, Shira u’tfila brings together a multi-ethnic, multi-faith ensemble that draws its inspiration from the diversity and richness of Judeo-Spanish, Ottoman-Turkish, Arabic and Balkan musical traditions. Shira u’tfila has released seven CDs, toured a dozen countries, and collaborated on various research and production projects involving Sephardic music from the Balkans, the Mediterranean region, and Middle East. The band passionately blends its knowledge of classical traditions and dedication to their preservation with a flair for improvisation and a talent for fusion. Its distinct sound brings a modern twist to a historical legacy.

Stefan Sablić- vocal, ‘ud ; Filip Krumes – violin; Sinan Aćifović – clarinet ; Elad Gabbay – qanun; Srđan Đorđević – double bass ; Akash Bhatt – percussions

Karavan Sarai of Belgrade 6

East meets West

Karavan Sarai, or traveler’s inns, were rest places along the road from Morocco to India and China. They were crossroads where travelers, storytellers, philosophers, mystics, musicians, and merchants came together as ambassadors of various cultures. Within the sanctuary of these places for rest, they exchanged not only goods but also ideas, spreading knowledge and contributing to better understanding and acceptance of diversity.

Jasna Jovićević – saxophone; Branko Trijić – guitar; Veljko Nikolić (Papa Nik) – percussions; Nenad Vještica Khan – ‘ud ; Zzzare – percussions

Milica & Nenad hip hop dance performance

This year’s Ethno Fusion Fest will close with the hip hop dance performance of a hearing disabled couple: Milica & Nenad

Milica Đokić and Nenad Mahmutović have been performing as a hip – hop dance duo for five years. They learned their first dance steps in the school for the children with disabled hearing and speech in Jagodina. They have participated in numerous dance competitions for people with damaged hearing and received many awards, including an award for the best dance performance at the Balkan Festival in Istanbul. This dance duo also won the Serbian edition of the popular TV show “I got talent” in 2011.