Caravan Serai

Israel, India, Holland

Caravan Serai, or traveler’s inns, were rest places along the road from Morocco to India and China. These were crossroads where travelers, storytellers, philosophers, mystics, musicians, and merchants came together as ambassadors of various cultures. Within the sanctuary of these resting places they exchanged not only goods but also ideas, spreading knowledge and contributing to a better understanding and acceptance of diversity. This series of musical events was conceived as a meeting of free improvisation (taksim), resting upon the musical traditions that grew along the path leading from Hindustani classical music and Iranian traditions, through the Ottoman Empire, Arabia, the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

Doublebass – Srdjan Djordjevic; ’Ud, vokal – Stefan Sablic; Violin – Filip Krumes; Qanun – Elad Gabbay; Rik, zarb, frame drum – Zzzare; ’Ud, sitar- Nenad Vjestica Khan

Shira u’tfila

Serbia, Israel

Founded by vocalist and ‘ud player Stefan Sablic, Shira u’tfila brings together a multi-ethnic, multi-faith ensemble that draws its inspiration from the diversity and richness of Judeo-Spanish, Ottoman-Turkish, Arabic and Balkan musical traditions.The band passionately blends its knowledge of classical traditions and dedication to their preservation with a flair for improvisation and a talent for fusion. Its distinct sound brings a modern twist to an historical legacy.

’Ud, vocal – Stefan Sablic; Violin – Filip Krumes; Darabukka, frame drum – Akash Bhatt; Qanun – Elad Gabbay;

Udrub & Balogh Kalman

Hungary, Israel

The secret of the ensemble’s exotic and unique sound is a type of multicultural harmony that is ultimately a projection of each member’s Hungarian identity. The Udrub ensemble’s artistic quality is in the harmony of its authentic tradition and personal musical expression, in which the sterngth of folk music, the refinement of classical music and the freedom of jazz unite.

Flute, caval, ney – Tibi Golan; Cimbal – Kalman Balogh; Doublebass – Csaba Novak; Darabukka – Akash Bhatt


Serbia, Macedonia, Greece

Ved has enchanted the audience with its deep and extatic music. It was a pleasure to hear beautiful old songs from Vranje (South Serbia) sung by vocalist Branimir Stišić Kace who has joined the group for this specific occasion.

Caval – clarinet – Milos Nikolic; Vocal – Branimir Stosic Kace; Doublebass – Dejan Djordjevic; Saz, guitar – Goran Spasic; Zarb, frame drum – Goran Arsic; Clarinet – Anastasios Ioanu; Jaw’s harp – Zzzare



Their repertoire featured traditional folk and songs of the Balkan region, Mediterranean serenades, Turkish-oriental tunes, Greek Rembetiko, Bosnian Sevdalinka, and all this mixed with elements od Gypsy Jazz. The originality of the arrangements, the virtuosity of the musicians and the charming and entertaining presentation all contributed alike to the delightful evening.

Vocal, guitar – Slavko Ninic; Accordion – Mitke Sarlandziev; Clarinet, saxophone, vocal – Hidan Mamudov;

Chalgi orchestra


The Chalgi orchestra was founded by the leading musicians of the Macedonian Radio – Television orchestra. They have been playing chalgi music together for more than four decades and their authencity and energy has captured the heart of the audiences. They have presented a variety of South – Eastern Balkan musical traditions in which they are complete masters.

Qanun – Hustref Said; ’Ud – Rami Baki; Clarinet – Pance Zdravkov; Darabukka – Naser Mustafa



The band creates musical pieces inspired by traditional folk materials. It builds its dynamic expression on a variety of Balkan motifs with a particular influence of Hungarian music.

Flute – Jelena Vujacic; Guitar – Vladimir Todorovic; Accordion, trumpet – Nenad Knezevic; Bass – Robert Verebes; Drums – Krunoslav Virovac

Sitar Recital

Serbia, India

These two outstanding musicians with their occasional performances in Belgrade have succeeded in bringing Hindustani classical music not just to their devoted followers but also to a wider audience.

Sitar: Nenad Vjestica Khan; Tabla: Akash Bhatt

Kulin ban

Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

The group Kulin Ban has given us strings of pearls of traditional “Sevdalinka” song from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia in a manner of a unique connection between old and modern sound.

Saz, vocal – Vladimir Savic; Guitar, vocal – Goran Avramovic; Zarb, frame drum – Goran Arsic; Clarinet, caval – Milos Nikolic; Violin – Filip Krumes; Doublebass – Ivan Maksimovic; ’Ud – Nenad Vjestica Khan