Promotion of the new novel by David Albahari

"There are no variations and declines with David, it's a unified quality. Somehow, as the years have gone by, he's getting closer to my sensibility. The older David gets, the more energetic he is." "Truly, a book that causes vertigo that sobers... One of the better books in the last ten years, if…


Hanukkah with Klezmer from the heart of Jerusalem.

Simhat Purim!

Simhat Purim! "U Adaru slavlje, smeh, i sreća Čitanje megile to je stvar najpreča, Maskenbal, muzika, veselje do neba Viskija, rakije,šta nam drugo treba! Priča o spasenju, u ovoj noći ples, Dođite na Amanu da iskalimo bes!"

Promotion of the book "Jews in Belgrade (1521-1942)" by Cedomila Marinković

On Wednesday, February 8th, 2023, at 12:00, the promotion of the book "Jews in Belgrade (1521-1942)" by Cedomila Marinković was held at the Jewish Cultural Center. Participants: Isaac Asiel, chief rabbi of the Jewish community in Serbia; Dr. Vesna Bikić, scientific advisor at the Archaeological…

Opening of the JCC

Here you can watch a clip about the history of the Jewish Dorcol, which was performed during the opening ceremony of the JKC. The texts are read by Mladen Andrejević and Vanja Ejdus.